The floundering, the flailing and the leader – Corbyn’s playing a blinder



In spite of the best efforts of the mainstream media to ignore or spin it, this writer can’t be the only one to have noticed that Jeremy Corbyn is playing a blinder recently.

It’s drawing attention at PMQs (Prime Minister’s Questions – there’s a reason they don’t call it Prime Minister’s Answers) in particular, with even Tories commenting on Corbyn’s superiority over the Theresa May, who looks ever more shifty and is increasingly quick to resort to snarkiness, often with her voice breaking as she tries vainly to sound strong.

The floundering

But it goes far further. Philip Hammond’s attempt to present a u-turn on ‘borrowing to spend’ as if it was a sudden Tory good idea in changed Brexit circumstances, rather than a complete vindication of Labour’s clear anti-austerity position under Corbyn, was an abject failure. Paul Mason put it most pithily:

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