‘UKIP’ Woolfe invite shows Blue Labour’s true colours



The Labour faction calling itself “Blue Labour” (BL) would deny that the ‘blue’ in its name indicates a resemblance to the Tory party. But if that was ever true, it appears no longer to be the case.

If you’re fairly new to politics and don’t know much about BL, you don’t need to look much further than the fact that it considers immigration to be one of its central issues and numbers the awful Tom Watson and Frank Fields as key supporters.

Fields is a significant contributor to BL’s main publication, “Blue Labour: Forging a new Politics” and the group is also supported by the likes of Lisa Nandy and Graham Jones, who were prominent in the summer’s ‘chicken coup’ and spoke at the BL conference in Manchester last weekend.

And that conference. The presence of such personalities among its supporters speaks volumes about BL’s ‘weather vane’ nature, but even…

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