The #NHSdayplot – while Corbyn fought for NHS, plotters cared only for plotting


You know that old saying, “for every finger you point there are three pointing back”? Never was it more true than in the case of Labour’s so-called ‘moderates’ or ‘centrists’ (irony truly is dead).

Labour’s right-wingers love to accuse Jeremy Corbyn and his supporters of ‘only caring about control of the party’ and ignoring the impact being a supposed ‘party of protest’ has on #’ordinary people’. Last weekend was an object lesson in how the ‘moderates’ are in fact accusing Corbyn of their own chief sin.

Saturday was Labour’s ‘NHS Day’ – the biggest campaign day in the party’s history – a long-planned day to highlight the plight of the NHS under a Tory government ideologically committed to strangling it, at the end of a week in which Chancellor Philip Hammond’s autumn statement failed to even mention it.

The NHS – the UK’s greatest treasure and achievement and desperately important…

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