Watson publishes ‘fake news’ inquiry terms. Will he answer these questions?


Labour’s deputy leader Tom Watson has published the ‘terms of reference’ of his ‘inquiry’ into so-called ‘fake news. This deeply-problematic exercise is being run by Michael Dugher, a right-wing Labour MP who has written anti-Corbyn articles in The Sun and the Daily Mail, two of the worst purveyors of misleading or simply invented ‘news’.

A Merseyside Labour member has challenged Watson to answer 5 simple, but brilliantly incisive, questions. Watson’s answers to these questions – or his failure to respond – will show whether this ‘inquiry’ has anything to do with a genuine concern for promoting good information or is simply, as it has appeared so far, a farcical vehicle for attacking ‘inconvenient’ independent sources of news that reveal perspectives Watson and his allies would prefer to keep out of the public view.

Here are the five questions:


If you share her, and my, interest in the answers and belief…

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