Labour right-wing seeks failure in May 2016 elections


When it became clear that Jeremy Corbyn would win the Labour leadership contest the Labour elite and the liberal media began a campaign against him and his supporters.  Their greatest fear is that a left-of-centre Labour leader becomes prime minister.  In August last year I wrote about the general election result including an assessment of the horror felt by Labour elite about Corbyn’s impending success.

“The possibility of left-of-centre politics appealing to the voters of the UK and of a challenge to gangster management of the economy has infused the said elite with wide-eyed anger and a rare determination to achieve an aim.  That aim is to stop Corbyn, by any means.  No attempt has been made to debate the issues that he has discussed at his oversubscribed rallies and no attempt has been made to analyse why many people are opposed to capitalist gangsterism – Labour’s elite just want…

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