Richmond Park shows Labour can’t afford to field anti-Corbyn candidates

Excellently put, it is becoming glaringly obvious that anti-Corbyn candidates will not win in most areas, however the mentality of the so-called moderates seems to be they’d rather hand the Tories another term or two to rid themselves of Corbyn.


no anti corbyn.jpgSo, the Tory- and UKIP-endorsed Zac Goldsmith, recently defeated after a shockingly racist campaign for London Mayor, has now been defeated in the Richmond Park constituency he resigned to trigger a by-election.

He lost to Sarah Olney, the LibDem candidate who campaigned on an explicit anti-Brexit, anti-runway platform to appeal to a constituency that voted 72.3% in favour of remain in the EU referendum and overwhelmingly resents the new runway that Theresa May has confirmed will be built at Heathrow.

The LibDems, understandably, are ecstatic and Tim Farron’s speech at Richmond Park this morning was full of predictions of voters deserting Corbyn’s supposedly-failed project. This is bollocks, of course, but understandable bollocks, given the LibDems still-dire situation.

Labour right-wingers, fully supported by their media allies, will attempt to pin Labour’s result – an 8% fall in share compared to 2015 – on leader Jeremy Corbyn’s ‘unelectability’. This is predictable, but…

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