Tom Watson will save us all from fake news


Tom Watson, authorised by nothing more than his moment in the sun (no pun intended) questioning the evil one Rupert Murdoch live on TV at the DCMS select committee, has decided that he shall be the investigator of fake news.  Caped-up, psyched-up and, obviously, well caked-up, Watson and his trusted side-kick Michael Dugher intend to save us all from having our defenceless minds being infiltrated, infested and assimilated by dastardly wrongdoers telling us stuff that isn’t true.

delboyrodneybatmanrobinHow could we survive without this superhero twosome?  Personally, I believe everything I read, just like everyone else does.  No-one has any concept of satire or mock-taking or story-telling or wit or sarcasm or mischievousness.  We have no imagination and always assume everyone who writes something has no imagination. Of course, that is all sarcasm.  I made it up.  But, the deeply-dippy duo Watson and Dugher are unable to accept that almost all people…

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