Response to Stephen Kinnock MP

Checking Reality

Dear Mr Kinnock,

Following your Tweet to me, I wanted to respond but 140 characters was not enough and I doubt we frequent the same curry houses to have this conversation face to face.

As a ‘BAME’ member of the Labour party from a family who have voted Labour for over five decades, I find the recent dangerous race-based rhetoric from you (and some others in Labour) deeply offensive.

Since you made the statements (which I have also listened to so was not based upon a tweet), you wrote an article which you invited me to read. Unfortunately, in this article, whilst you acknowledged your comments caused a reaction, you failed to understand why and made the assumption people misunderstood you, only to confirm the reason many were so frustrated and vexed by your comments to begin with were right to be so. It even at one stage had the…

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