Why Sleaford means Labour should NOT ‘tack UKIP`


So, the Tories held Sleaford and North Hykeham in last night’s by-election, with UKIP in second place (in spite of not being able to spell the name of the place properly) and the LibDems pushing Labour into 4th place:

farage.pngIt’s North HYKEHAM, Mr Farridge!

Cue the hand-wringing and knee-jerk reaction from the Labour right, with Yvette Cooper on the BBC’s Daily Politics programme yesterday not long after polls in Sleaford opened, let alone the result was announced, speaking out against immigration – in spite of the conflict of that with her strongly pro-EU position.

In spite of previously attacking Corbyn on the supposed grounds that he wasn’t ‘pro-EU enough’ in the referendum campaign – a position which would have meant absolute support for free movement – the message from the Labour right is that Sleaford – and Richmond Park before it – shows Labour is under threat from UKIP and…

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