While Watson postures on #fakenews, McDonnell tells it like it is


The SKWAWKBOX has covered in some detail Labour deputy leader Tom Watson’s transparent attempt to silence inconvenient, independent news sources by smearing them as ‘fake news’.

In appointing one of Corbyn’s most shameless opponents in the Parliamentary Labour party (PLP), sometime S*n and Daily Mail columnist Michael Dugher, to head an inquiry that it is doubtful Watson has any authority to instigate and by naming one of the most reputable independent news sources in the UK, The Canary, as a source of fake news, Watson couldn’t have telegraphed his intentions and motivations any more clearly.

To continue his ‘Anaconda’ project to strangle Corbyn’s leadership.

In stark contrast to Watson’s posturing and scheming, John McDonnell gave an object lesson in straight talking on the subject on Saturday.


Speaking at the Media Democracy Festival, on a panel alongside The Canary and Novara Media, McDonnell was direct in a way that you…

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