McNicol responds to Wallasey exec report – investigating them for writing it


mcnicolLabour General Secretary Iain McNicol

As regular readers of this blog will know, Wallasey CLP (Constituency Labour Party) has been suspended for months following allegations of homophobic and other abuse – allegations that proved to be baseless but which have still been used by the party’s NEC (National Executive Committee) ‘Disputes Panel’ to keep the party suspended until at least the new year.

Wallasey’s executive committee wrote a 102-page report in response to the NECDP’s woefully inadequate and skewed investigation and its glaring inconsistencies and sent this to the party’s General Secretary, Iain McNicol.

Now McNicol has responded – by ignoring the evidence it presented and criticising the exec for writing the report. And by launching a new investigation into them for writing it. Here is an extract from an email circulated to local Labour and Momentum members:

mcnic wallasey.png

McNicol has been the subject of no-confidence votes by various CLPs, including…

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