Labour right whines re Corbyn’s hire; one of them was IN Sinn Fein


Right-wing rags are today making hay (that is, smears) about Jeremy Corbyn’s decision to hire former Sinn Fein employee Jayne Fisher as part of his team. Labour’s right-wing faction is bleating – anonymously, of course, because they’re so noble and principled – about their ‘shock and anger’ at his decision.

The SKWAWKBOX trusts that one staunch opponent of Corbyn kept quiet during the ‘heated row’.

sfThat ‘moderate’ would have good reason not to participate in the shock and anger.

Ms Fisher has been a member of the Labour party since she was 18 but was employed at Sinn Fein’s London HQ until about 6 months ago.

The member in question, on the other hand, was an actual member of ‘Ogra’ (Youth) Sinn Fein, according to a local source.

This blog makes no judgment whatever on that individual’s membership of Sinn Fein before becoming involved with Labour. That’s his/her business and nothing should be construed…

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