The Encyclopedia of Sensible Politics

A New Place Of Exile


Sensible – noun: a person whose political views only ever accord with the dictates of common wisdom, while occupying the straits of prudence. Synonym: centrist.

Centrist – an adherent of Centrism.

Centrism – a political reflection of the Centre.

Centre – location on the political spectrum, occupied by Centrists.

Centrists – plural of Centrist.

Centrist –  an adherent of Centrism.


Castro, Fidel – an oppressive, Cold War-era South American dictator. Opposed by sensible Cuban moderates in exile; who dream of the day that a present-day successor to General Pinochet will liberate their benighted land, and restore centrism.

Democracy – 1) a vital prerequisite for the historical legitimacy of any left-wing government.  2) a superfluous point of concern regarding a lucrative trading partner.

Saudi Arabia – procurers of Britain’s weaponry; currently waging a regrettably necessary war in Yemen.

Yemen – a war being waged by Saudi Arabia; resulting in the regrettable but unavoidable mass casualties among the civilian…

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