Time for JC to #graspthenettle – #withdrawthewhip, force a deputy-leader election


The SKWAWKBOX was delighted with the announcement by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s team of a planned ‘relaunch’ in the new year, casting Corbyn ‘as a left-wing populist’ to tap on the massive flux of anti-Establishment sentiment.

Except, of course, that Corbyn already occupies that position – authentic, insurgent and refusing to conform to aims and behaviours the Establishment approves.

jc relaunch.png

But the idea is a good one and if it results in a drive to steamroll and, where needed, to bypass the blockage by editors and even by the Labour ‘machine’ and get the message out to the country, fantastic.

Of course, there are others in the Labour party just as authentic – but as malcontents, plotters and underminers eager to return to the Establishment-approved status quo.

Step forward Tom Watson. As indeed he did, within hours, to speaking to media to attempt to pour scorn and water on the idea:

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