The ongoing media propaganda war against Syria

Absolutely riveting article.

Road To Somewhere Else

By Daniel Margrain

In a previous post, I highlighted how, after the chaos of Iraq and Libya, the mass media began softening the public up for another illegal military intervention in another sovereign state – Syria. The chaos unleashed by the West has resulted in one of the greatest refugee crisis in decades, that culminated in the discovery of a small Syrian boy pictured washed-up dead on a beach in Bodrum, Turkey.

Contemptuously, UK politicians and their media mouthpieces began exploiting the image of the dead child for political propaganda purposes. The clear intention of the political-media class was to pin the blame for the refugee crisis on Syrian president Bashar-al Assad. This process was, whether intentionally or unintentionally, augmented by individuals like the former archbishop of Canterbury, Lord Carey, who argued for:

“renewed military and diplomatic efforts to crush the twin menaces of Islamic State and al-Qaeda once and for all.”…

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