Labour hard-right already potting next power-grab – we need YOU to stop them


If you only read and share one article on this blog in 2017, this needs to be it.

true-labourOn the very first day of 2017, the Labour right-wingers were already plotting their next attempt to seize power in the Labour party. For all their protestations about ‘electability’ and their accusations against Corbyn and his supporters, it’s never been more clear that it’s the Labour right (laughably still called ‘moderates’ in the media) that is prepared to accept electoral defeat in exchange for a return to the status quo that they pine for.

Below is an image of an email sent 1st Jan by right-wing faction Labour First to its mailing list – clicking on the link below it for a larger, more legible PDF version:

L1 email.jpg


The email shows Labour First encouraging its supporters to try to catch the Corbyn-supporting majority flat-footed by arranging early selection, at CLP (constituency Labour…

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