Forget the naysaying spin. Corbyn’s speech was a great one and here’s why


Today, Jeremy Corbyn gave a groundbreaking speech in Peterborough on the subject of Brexit and what it means for this country – and how Labour will approach it.

As well as groundbreaking, it was a grown-up intervening in a game played by spoiled children: mature, considered, statesmanlike and, just as importantly, it treated those who hear it like adults, rather than as infants craving unrealistic certainties.

It also made Corbyn the first political leader to genuinely grasp both of the opposing nettles of migration and the need to address the entrenched inequality created by those who are eager for us to blame migrants instead.

c11pkegxuau-mqsImage courtesy of @rachael_swindon

Because of these things, the media and the Labour right have been desperately peddling all day the idea that it was unclear, ill-considered and full of last-minute changes and u-turns. Since it was none of those things, to…

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