Credibility, Democracy and Tories: a Plan

Heavy Metal Politics

Labour’s task isn’t to fight for credibility – it’s to demonstrate the Tories have none.

“Gaining credibility” is not a plan. It’s a myth.

By trying to convince the public of its own credibility, Labour often sacrificed its principles in its attempt to achieve this; aligning itself closely to the policies of the elected government.

Below, we outline a few reasons why credibility – far from being an aim – should be forgotten.

First, no one gets elected showing how similar they are to those already elected. What would be the point? Why vote for Coke Zero when you could have Coke?

Second, if Oppositions spent their time trying to appear “credible,” the government would go un-challenged. Oppositions don’t have the luxury of being pro-active. They have to be re-active, and then provide an alternative. Agenda-setting comes primarily as a response to a perceived failure; not as a proposal to…

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