Media ridicule Corbyn’s pay-cap idea; 7 major countries were DOING it 9 yrs ago


Jeremy Corbyn’s ‘relaunch’addressin Peterborough yesterday was strong, mature, statesmanlike speech that delivered a down-to-earth  but visionary message to people on both sides of the Brexit divide and showed the Labour leader to beunafraidto grasp difficult nettles.

But the media, within minutes, were focused on just two small parts of his speech: what he said about immigration – and, particularly, on the options he floated about possible ways to address rampant inequality by capping executive salaries or somehow linking them to the wages of the lowest-paid in their company.

Everyone from right-wing Labour figures to anti-Corbyn economists were rolled out to rubbish the very idea of a salary cap, while the programme presenters talking in sarcasm-dripping tones about the ‘unrealistic’ nature of Corbyn’s thinking.

So you might be just a little surprised to find out that not only have other countries given serious consideration to this…

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