#TristramHunt resignation: divide (resources) and conquer?


t-hunt-resignSo, Tristram Hunt has announced his resignation of his Stoke Central seat this morning. The MP, as firmly a part of the Establishment and the party’s right wing as you could find – his father’s a lord and he infamouslytoldprivileged students at Cambridge University that it was time for the ‘top 1%’ to lead a ‘campaign of dissent’ against leader Jeremy Corbyn, just 5 weeks after Corbyn’s first leadership victory. He was even lambasted by Tom Watson, hardly a left-wing firebrand, for crossing a picket line.

Hunt’s real nature is demonstrated by the MPs that have been quick to shout this morning about how much he’ll be missed, such as two of the worst that the Labour ‘red Tory’ faction has to offer:

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