McNicol/NEC ‘disappearing’ inconvenient Labour documents?


The SKWAWKBOX has uncovered evidence of possible shady goings-on at Labour’s HQ that potentially implicate either General Secretary Iain McNicol or at least one member of Labour’s NEC (National Executive Committee) in the ‘mislaying’ of inconvenient documents to prevent them being discussed by the NEC in accordance with procedure.

mcnicol1Labour Party General Secretary Iain McNicol

This blog covered the motion approved and sent forward late last year by Garston & Halewood (G&H) CLP (Constituency Labour party) declaring no confidence in Iain McNicol. Similarly, last October the Welsh CLP of Brecon and Radnorshire (B&R), approved a motion declaring the unlawful addition of two unelected members to the NEC during Labour’s annual conference in Liverpool (which the SKWAWKBOX has also extensively covered). G&H will debate a similar motion this month, but for now the evidence centres on the B&R motion.

In accordance with normal procedure, as soon as it was approved the…

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