If ‘leafy Surrey’ can’t afford social care without a 15% hike, what about poor areas?


It’s all over the news today that Surrey County Council (SCC), which covers some of the richest areas in the country, is to ballot its residents about a 15% increase in their council tax.

surreyBBC News has been all over it, giving prominent airtime to a representative of the council, who told the interviewer that the move is about ‘integrity’ and being able to maintain even the basic services they have a statutory obligation to provide, such as care for the disabled and for children:

We’ve got to protect our children.

Quite so.

But it’s interesting that BBC News and other media are taking notice of this case, in a rich Tory county that has suffered only a fraction of the cuts that have hit much poorer areas.

SCC, according to its leader, has suffered a £170 million cut since the Tories moved into Downing Street in 2010.

But Liverpool

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