What #PaulNuttall doesn’t want you to know he thinks of the #NHS – in his own words


Great find tonight by @Rachael_Swindon, who managed to find an archived copy of an article that UKIP leader Paul Nuttall wrote a couple of years ago – and published on his own website as well – about the NHS. And then deleted.

He deleted it, presumably, because his current official position on the NHS is that UKIP is “committed to keeping the NHS in public hands and free at the point of delivery” and he didn’t want us to be able to find what he really thinks – especially as he was already busy fending off accusations of falsely-claimed qualifications and a professional football career.

nuttall nhs 2.pngThanks to the wonders of the internet, however, an archived, exact facsimile of his true opinion can still be viewed in all its, er, ‘glory’:

nuttall nhs.pngIn case that comes out a bit hard to read on your screen, here’s what it says:

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