Lifelong Tory voters switching to Labour – one tells you why


After reading the SKWAWKBOX’s recent article on UKIP supporters in Staffordshire switching to Labour, which included a Q&A with a former UKIP member about the reasons he is now a wholehearted supporter of Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour party under him, another Staffordshire resident contacted this blog to give her story.

This one a hitherto-lifelong Tory voter.

exodusEleanor, a marketing manager for an engineering company, got in touch because she wanted people in nearby Stoke and around the UK to know what they won’t hear from media pundits – that people who’ve never previously supported the Labour party are doing so now, thanks to the authenticity and vision of its leader.

Here are her own words:

I live in Stafford. I’m a working mum and I have ALWAYSvoted Tory – until Mr Corbyn.

I was on the original committee for Support Stafford Hospital and I helped organise the march…

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