#Nuttall rails against it in #Stoke – but his speech shows he IS the Establishment


Well, that was quite entertaining, if you think vomit is entertaining.

I just watched the video of UKIP leader Paul Nuttall announcing (as expected) his candidacy for the Stoke Central by-election and it’s very illuminating – if you can bear to watch it. Here it is, in case you’ve a strong stomach – the relevant section starts from the 8m 28s mark:

The speech is illuminating because the content sounds like he’s selected it at random from some ‘right-wing take-away menu of meaningless dog-whistle buzzphrases’ with a side of non-sequiturs, while the style is exactly that of the Westminster politicians he rails against.

‘Empty vessels sound loudest’

First the empty right-wing buzz-phrases  – here are a few ‘choice morsels’:

  • A national health service and not an international health service!” – frankly racist bollocks, since ‘health tourism’ is a drop in the ocean of NHS spending (around 0.1% of…

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