I Voted Remain But Fear A Blocked Brexit Could Tear This Country In Two

Turning the Tide

Earlier this week I wrote a piece titled –

Dear stupid Brexit voter – a patronising open letter from Brexit blocking Labour MPs .

It provoked a strong reaction, both good and bad, and got people talking and thinking which was my intent. Unfortunately, one friend who passionately believes that Labour should block Brexit, wrongly presumed the letter was my way of saying that anyone who wants to overturn the referendum is a metropolitan elitist, arrogant snob who looks upon all leave voters with disdain. That’s why I want that friend, and anyone else who feels the same to know, I do understand why some of my fellow remainers want to block Brexit. They may well feel uncomfortable about going against a referendum result, but in their cost/benefit calculations, blocking Brexit, or at least aiming for a second referendum, wins. Those who hold that view are, more often then not…

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