If #Article50/#3LineWhip have you stumped, these 2 perspectives may help


Jeremy Corbyn is playing his Brexit hand cleverly, although you’d never guess it by listening to media pundits and, as the old story goes, ‘you wouldn’t want to start from here’.

But if you’re not familiar with parliamentary processes and terminology, all the talk of ‘three line whips’, ‘stages’ etc can easily be confusing and you might not see what Corbyn’s doing and why he’s playing it cleverly.

So these two perspectives on the situation, which this writer picked up in various places, may be helpful. Where the author is known, s/he is credited – if the other is yours and you can show provenance I’ll be delighted to credit you.

‘Horns of a dilemma’ – but it’s the Tories who are on it

dilemma.pngTerminology, process and the politics of the thing

Then there’s this excellent piece by Tommy Cockerham:

So if you’ve been following this in the press you may be…

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