Nation shouts #ResignMay, media already saying ‘No, look at #Corbyn!’


Yesterday was a remarkable day, as people across the nation gathered in huge protests against Donald Trump and Theresa May’s appeasement of him. Online the fury with the UK’s ‘Neville Chamberlain in drag’ Prime Minister, with the #ResignMay hashtag trending all evening, through the night and into this morning.

trump protest.pngRightly too. Mrs May’s floundering on Brexit is so severe that she will cling to the most faeces-covered straw and she has debased international discourse and demeaned our whole country by her spinelessness.

That the media would try to turn the nation’s attention back onto Jeremy Corbyn was inevitable – and it has already begun.


A risible article by Guardian journalist John Harris, for example, tries to direct our outrage at the Labour leader by equating Corbyn’s Brexit strategy with ‘backing’ Trump:


This, of course, is patent nonsense. The parliamentary equations of Brexit have not changed one iota, as a brilliant comment by…

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