Whip/don’t #whip? No, whip the #BBC and media for misleading narrative on #A50 bill


So, the final reading – before it’s passed up to the Lords for review – of the government’s bill to trigger Article 50 takes place today, with a vote expected around 8pm.

So far, indications are that Labour MPs will still be under a ‘3-line whip’, but the issue is being wildly misrepresented by Corbyn’s opponents in the Labour party – and by the media, in particular BBC News.

Jeremy Corbyn told this writer last weekend that he was not going to ‘approve the bill no matter what’ but would take a view on the bill’s final form and act accordingly. Labour First’s ‘National Organiser’, Matt Pound, has already been trying to taunt the SKWAWKBOX over Corbyn’s statement, even though the bill is still being debated and its ‘final form’ is unknown:

poundThe assumptions Pound is leaping to are huge. As Shadow Brexit Minister Matthew Pennycook told the BBC’s Ben Brown…

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