What the electoral commission said re #LabourLeave’s £18,500 #UKIP donation


Early yesterday the SKWAWKBOX revealed information from a UKIP source indicating that MP Kate Hoey’s explanation for the sum of £18,500 registered as a donation from Labour Leave (an independent limited company ‘borrowing‘ the Labour name, from here on ‘LL’) to UKIP – that it was a repayment of shared referendum spending – was not credible.

That article ended with this writer saying he would be contacting the Electoral Commission (EC) to get their assessment of the situation and Ms Hoey’s explanation. This was duly done.

electoral-logoThis author was referred to the Working Together for EU Referendum Campaigners ‘Situations and Procedures’ document and advised that there is no provision in that document for cost-sharing to be treated, or reported, as a donation. Based on this information, Ms Hoey was peddling prime hogwash.

Also of interest was the fact that, as the EC pointed out, any joint campaign spending…

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