Torygraph’s leadership #trolling gives away its nonsense in 2nd para – and throughout


The Daily Telegraph – or, as it’s more accurately nicknamed, the Torygraph – is trolling. Attempting to stir up trouble in the Labour party. Surprise.

lewis.pngLabour’s Clive Lewis

Thing is, they’re really not very good at it. On this occasion they don’t make it further than the 2nd paragraph before saying something so patently untrue that anyone with eyes and a brain-cell calls ‘bollocks’.

And then it goes downhill from there.

The article attempts to persuade us that Clive Lewis is positioning himself for a possible leadership challenge, but gives its ‘fake news’ game away with this little gem:


No serious piece could make such a fundamental mistake. Owen Jones is not popular with Jeremy Corbyn’s grassroots supporters.

He hasn’t been since he began the series of somersaults (more than most Olympic gymnasts) in which he’s supported Corbyn one minute and the next has been all too eager to undermine…

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