BBC’s ‘Reality Check’ Ironically Creates Fake News To Try & Discredit Corbyn…

Enemy In A State

The BBC never misses and the opportunity to try and discredit Jeremy Corbyn do they? Especially when they can combine it with their favourite journalistic practice: making fake news.

Last month (January 2017) Corbyn launched a policy initiative to look at the growing levels of income inequality in the country. One of his policy proposals is to implement a “wage cap” or more accurately a limit by ratio of pay to the bosses of huge corporations so that bosses make no more than 20 times that of the lowest-paid worker in a company. These are just some of the policies being looked at by Corbyn to reduce growing inequality.

Corbyn explains in this video taken from a speech in Peterborough on January 10th this year:

This “wage cap” policy is extremely popular with the electorate as is indicated by consistent polling data. The business community itself is now in…

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