Keyboard Warrior: How Clicktivism Can Deliver Labour the Election

Heavy Metal Politics

The Labour Party has a choice: Win together. Lose together.

Our reluctance to work together has wounded friendships, damaged our chances and emboldened our enemies.

Upcoming by-elections threaten not just Labour’s ability to win, but the immediate stability of the Party itself.

Over the past eighteen months, Labour has been ripped apart; MPs attacking members, headquarters; voters, and supporters segregated as illegitimate voters.

Corbyn remains alien to most Labour MPs despite widespread, verbal support.

“Whatever happens, Jeremy will lead us into the 2020 general election.”

But what if the election comes early?

By-elections in Stoke and Copeland present an opportunity. Win, and nothing changes. Win “big-league” (to borrow a Trumpism), and everything changes. Pollsters will be questioned. Tories, frightened. UKIP, headless.

Lose either Stoke or Copeland and serious questions will be asked.

Jeremy Corbyn may continue. But his credibility will be zero. His position as leader, reduced to caretaker. His…

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