If you want to help Corbyn – and Corbyn’s Labour – read and share this


corbyn movement.pngThis post is based on a series of tweets by a well-known Labour campaigner, who has asked the SKWAWKBOX to help get the word out. This blog is glad to help, as the advice is excellent (and fits perfectly with this post about the lessons real Labour supporters need to draw from the Copeland by-election), and asks you to do the same by digesting and saving this information:

Use your time and energy – don’t squander it

Corbyn supporters, don’t get in to arguments on Twitter with people fundamentally at odds with the essence of party. Instead, organise in your local CLPs (constituency Labour party – the key ‘on the ground’ organisational unit of the party), where Left influence can have the most fundamental effect.

Control the Labour Conference

Most important thing for Left Labour right now is to ensure a majority of left delegates at conference to push through…

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