Terminally ill woman lost her ESA, home and all her belongings after being told she was fit for work

When I read stories like this I feel saddened and angry in equal measures. What hope is there for the whole of humanity when such backward thinking, selfish, unfeeling people keep being placed in positions of power over the majority. I wish people would wake up to the fact that apathy towards who governs us as a whole is no longer an option if there is to be any hope for future generations.

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Claire Hardwicke

Claire Hardwicke has stage four thyroid cancer. This means that it has spread to other parts of her body, and sadly, Claire was told that her cancer is terminal. She also has chronic osteoarthritis. Despite taking 80mg of morphine a day to cope, she still experiences considerable pain.

Additionally, Claire already had a life-threatening, acute allergy to latex. This means that she has to carry an EpiPen at all times, which is an epinephrine (adrenaline) injection to treat life-threatening anaphylaxis. Developing a severe allergy to latex unfortunately meant that Claire could no longer continue working as a mental health nurse. 

Claire first became ill 9 years ago with uterine/ovarian cancer, but it was the allergy that made her unemployable and ended her career as a mental-health nurse, her partner, Alan King, told me

Claire’s first bout of cancer was treated and she made a recovery, which lasted only 7…

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