Our NHS: Protected by Corbyn – Safe With Labour

Heavy Metal Politics

c6f_pexwyaadlwi-jpg-largeGareth Snell, new MP for Stoke-on-Trent Central, supporting our NHS. Image by @NameChangeGirl (Twitter).

“There’s no excuse. The money’s there.” – Jeremy Corbyn.

Corbyn’s back.

On a day which saw 250,000 march for our NHS, the message was clear: enough is enough.

Systemic abuse on our NHS has taken its toll.

A 7.5% NHS cut in Wales.

The worst real-terms cut to NHS spending since 1978.

The lowest-ever investment of additional cash.

Falling NHS spending against rising GDP.

NHS spending per patient falling until at least 2019.

And joint-lowest health spending against GDP of any G7 country.

Last week, Labour demanded proper funding for our NHS and social care, which is forecast to fall by £8.5 – £15 billion (as we reported here).

Today’s demonstration marked a turning-point: the Tories will not get away with this any longer.

People know “our NHS is not in crisis bcause of overspending.”…

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