Good thing for our KIDS that Labour IS #effectiveopposition


In spite of huge evidence to the contrary in the form of a string of u-turns forced on the Tory government since Jeremy Corbyn became leader, you will still hear – with nauseating regularity – Tory MPs, TV pundits and, shamefully, right-wing Labour MPs and activists pretending to bemoan the supposed lack of ‘an effective opposition’.

Tories and ‘journalists’ claim it’s because a ‘strong opposition is important to democracy’. Labour right-whingers claim it’s because the vulnerable need one. Only last week, this was the headline in the Independent:

effective opposition.pngAs the SKWAWKBOX pointed out in January, Labour under Corbyn have forced a string of u-turns from Theresa May – and from Cameron before her. Even arch-Tory Guido Fawkes lamented it:

may-uturnsTories, pundits and red Tories are talking nonsense – and they know it.

And for the sake of our nation’s children, it’s just as well.

Last year, the Tories announced…

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