.@bbcnews et al spread debunked #Corbyntaxreturn #fakenews as smearers retreat


As the SKWAWKBOX predicted last night, the mainstream media – including BBC News – have run prominent features this morning on the issue of Jeremy Corbyn’s tax return.

Even though it was debunked last night – to the abject humiliation of its originators.

Various figures who made themselves look foolish by jumping on the smear-bandwagon have been busy backtracking – or trying to cover their tracks – this morning.

Blairite MP Tom Blenkinsop couldn’t help himself – and then was obviously tipped off what an idiot he was going to look and deleted his tweet. Fortunately, Politwoops kept a copy:

blenkinsopTory MP Steve Baker tweeted last year when Corbyn released his previous tax return – then panicked and re-found it to delete it last night:

bakerArch-tory blogger Guido Fawkes leaped in with a full-on smear about a ‘missing £40,000’:

fawkes1.jpgThen, by this morning, he was singing a rather different…

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