MSM, Progress try to attack #Corbyntaxreturn, fail SPECTACULARLY


It’s always amusing to watch someone attempt to mock another person and make an idiot of themselves. All the sweeter when the mocker taking a pratfall is the director of right-wing ‘cuckoos in the nest’ Progress.

Earlier today, Jeremy Corbyn released his tax return, putting huge pressure on the squirming and surly Philip Hammond, who had spent days dodging the question and then finally and grumpily refused point blank to release his own return – on national television.

Hammond’s refusal raised the very serious question of what he’s hiding about the amount – or lack of it – that the multi-millionaire contributes to the Treasury in tax, as the SKWAWKBOX pointed out.

True to form, however, the ‘Pavlov’s saboteurs‘ in the media and Progress director Richard Angell jumped on what they thought was a clever observation that had caught Corbyn out – a supposed omission in the…

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