@theresa_may’s #sweetheartdeal answers are a RESIGNATION matter (audio) #ResignMay


david hodge.pngTwice during February, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn put a plain and direct question to Theresa May about the sudden decision of Surrey County Council not to hold a referendum about a huge council tax increase.

On the first occasion, Corbyn caught May off guard by confronting her with quotes from leaked text messages sent by the Tory leader of the council, David Hodge:

I wonder if this has anything to do with the fact that the Chancellor and the Health Secretary both represent Surrey constituencies.

There was a second text from the Surrey County Council leader to “Nick”. It says:

“The numbers you indicated are the numbers I understand are acceptable for me to accept and call off the R”.

I have been reading a bit of John le Carré and apparently “R” means “referendum”—it is very subtle, all this. He goes on to say in his text to “Nick”:

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