A Heartfelt Response To A Very Hypocritical Request.

FitzyBlue Musings

Today I discovered that Wallasey CLP is due to have its suspension lifted in May. After being banned last summer nobody within Wallasey has been arrested, charged or held accountable for any of the allegations they faced from Angela Eagle and team. People who hold key positions such as chair, secretary etc will lose their positions and those posts will be up for re-election. I heard this news from social media, not my local or regional Labour party, which is in bad taste and shows the lack of courtesy towards members.

I have so many questions.

1.Why has it taken so  long to come to this decision?

2.Why are the positions up for re-election if those who hold the posts were democratically elected and haven’t been found of any wrong-doings?

3.Are you trying to ensure the positions will be filled with Angela’s supporters (which have depleted massively in light of…

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