#Tories will cut income for everyone in #Budget17 – except huge corporations


The Tories love to repeat their Goebbelsian Big Lie that money is short – but they will always find cash for what matters to them.

And what matters to them is clearly not the ‘just about managing’ (‘JAMs) or the ‘not managing at all’.

£billions for vanity rail projects – check
£hundreds of billions for nuclear phallic symbols we don’t need – check
£billions for tax cuts to the richest individuals and corporations – check
£££££ to bribe Tory councils to keep quiet about your idiocy – check (but lie about it)

Save the NHS- no (and only half of the inadequate amount they claim they’re putting in)
Support for disabled people – cut
Support for parents – cut
Jobs and wages for public employees that goes straight back into the economy – cut
Money for fire engines – cut
Money for schools – cut

You get the picture. Here’s…

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