#Copeland: 15yr ballot-count veteran echoes concerns over ‘irregularities’


Since the by-elections in Copeland and Stoke the week before last, the SKWAWKBOX has revealed concerns raised by electoral analysts and others with experience of conducting election counts, regarding the propriety of the vote-count in Whitehaven for the Copeland constituency.

Technical analysis and the results of Freedom of Information Act requests regarding the detailed voting breakdown are still pending, but this blog has been contacted by an extremely experienced vote-counter who is also concerned at the ‘unusual’ aspects of the count, which were commented on by the BBC’s reporter at the count and highlighted by this blog.

batemanThe comments were sent in by a Yorkshire-based woman that we’ll call ‘Jane’:

I have worked as both a poll clerk and a counter at local and general elections in Kirklees, West Yorkshire,  for the last 15 years or so.  Copeland is a much more rural area and less built-up than Kirklees so…

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