IAPT is value-laden, non-prefigurative, non-dialogic, antidemocratic and reflects a political agenda

Recovery in a time limit. “Therapy” six-sessions then off you go on your own again. These politicians are such backwards thinkers still hammering the “work work work” message into people. All forward thinking democracies are looking at the near future where work is going to be in very limited supply because of technology, rising populations mean more people, less work, these people will need supporting unless population control or culling is on the agenda? And the way this Govt has been behaving that’s not out of the bounds of possibility.

Politics and Insights

arnstein-ladder-citizenship-participationThe government’s Work and Health Programme, due to be rolled out this autumn, involves a plan to integrate health and employment services, aligning the outcome frameworks of health services, IAPT, Jobcentre Plus and the Work Programme.

But the government’s aim to prompt public services and commissioned providers to “speak with one voice” is founded on traditional Conservative prejudices about people who need support. This proposed multi-agency approach is reductive, rather than being about formulating expansive, coherent, comprehensive and importantly, responsive mental health provision.

What’s on offer is psychopolitics, not therapy. It’s about (re)defining the experience and reality of a marginalised social group to justify dismantling public services (especially welfare). In linking receipt of welfare with health services and state therapy, with the single politically intended outcome of employment, the government is purposefully conflating citizens’ widely varied needs with economic outcomes and diktats, which will isolate people from traditionally…

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