Short, brilliant video tells all you need to know re #Tory ‘economic competence’ #Budget17


As Jeremy Corbyn pointed out recently in PMQs (Prime Minister’s Questions), the Tories have borrowed more since they took office in 2010 than every Labour government in history combined.

Their ‘reputation’ for ‘economic competence’ – the only supposed redeeming feature to balance their ‘nasty party’ reality – is nothing more than a media construct based on the old Goebbels maxim that if your lie is big enough and you repeat it with enough confidence, people will believe it.

In other words, it’s a myth – just like the ‘inherited mess‘ the Tories still roll out as an excuse.

big lie.pngThe reality would shock most people who haven’t educated themselves in the reality of Tory economics and their effects. It shocks most people who have. Now a brilliant video by Simon Baker at EL4C provides a short, intense and illuminating overview of that reality that everyone needs to…

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