GLOBAL MARKETS: yet again, the self-appointed experts are really data perverts

The Slog.

mesmile If you want somewhere safe, secure and transparent in which to invest, the answer soon becomes clear….it has to be remarkable Indonesia. Or at least, that’s what the crypto-corporate ad promoting the country says. It tries to make the claim stick by telling us that Indonesia “has a focus on footwear, shipyards, textiles, fishing and electronics”. That certainly is a remarkably eclectic focus: it promises all kinds of unique export concepts, for example the sweater that pulls over your head electronically, or perhaps an exciting range of casual diving flippers for the angler who has everything.

Even in my day, corporate advertising was usually utter tosh and, in my experience, a complete waste of money. Corporate Sovereign campaigns, however, are even worse in that they throw in that especially dysfunctional element of incredibility.Sadly, somewhere there’s always an agency that will write ads for Tamil Tiger futures, the attractions of Greece…

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