Proof: Theresa May caught in ANOTHER #SurreySweetheart lie to Parliament


Theresa May is on the hook and wriggling like a bait-worm – but you’d hardly know it to listen to the news or read the papers. She lied to Parliament – which is supposed to be an automatic resignation offence for any politician with a sliver of integriry – about the Surrey County Council ‘sweetheart deal’ and has been exposed by revealed emails and audio recordings.

Which is probably why she’s still sitting tight.

surrey refusal smallMay will only fall if the public raises such an outcry that the media can no longer ignore it and the Tories decide she’s a liability.

So the fact that she has been caught in yet another lie about the ‘sweetheart’ deal needs to be spread far and wide.

The latest lie – an unambiguous, direct lieto the House – took place just this week as Mrs May attempted yet again to fend off…

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