The British electoral system is broken so why not change it?

Great ideas I especially like the idea of blind voting it would certainly put paid to this awful identity politics and tribalism.

It could be you

The country is on its knees, in the mire. Unless you’re a top earner or part of a wealthy family you’ll probably find it hard to disagree with this. The political parties of recent terms have lead to this. The political system and the electoral process that puts them in power is clearly broken and for the good of the country needs to change. Public services, once owned by the people are now private companies, providing those services for the profit of companies and their owners and shareholders. Those not already privatised are going through the process and it is likely that those that aren’t are in line for it at some point. See Noam Chomsky on privatisation on YouTube for more information and to give you an idea as to which may be in line for it.

Politicians have been proven to have stolen from the public purse through…

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