Akehurst lost his CLP position. Smile but don’t take your eye off the ball


So, Luke Akehurst of Progress and Britain Labour First has lost his position on the executive of his Oxford CLP (constituency Labour party).

akehurstThere has been much hilarity on social media today over the fact that the arch-plotter who fancies himself the arbiter of ‘electability’ couldn’t get himself re-elected to a position in a CLP. Understandably so, as he embodies pretty much everything that’s bad about the right-wing factions damaging Labour.

Mr Akehurst, meanwhile, appears to have been reading the Paul Nuttall Book of How Not to be Bothered When You Lose an Election:

akehurst loss

For all his affected nonchalance about the loss, there’s little doubt Akehurst will be smarting. But there’s no room whatever for any complacency on the lack of those opposed to him and to his (lack of) vision for Labour as a ‘more of the same’ party.

Akehurst began the new year encouraging his right-wing…

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