Is Labour HQ making it hard for CLPs to contact new members?


labour not talking.pngWorrying information has been reaching the SKWAWKBOX about possible sabotage of the Labour Party’s new membership originating from the party’s HQ and/or regional offices.

It has been a fairly frequent complaint from ‘older members’ that many who have joined since Jeremy Corbyn became leader have not appeared keen to get involved at CLP (constituency Labour party) level, in meetings and local campaigning.

This blog agrees 100% that it’s vital – for a range of reasons – for members and supporters to get involved at the local level, not least because voters who can see their local Labour members rolling up their sleeves to help their community are going to be far less prone to believe anti-Labour propaganda in the mainstream media.

There are, of course, also issues with the way local Labour politics is done – an overhaul to make meetings more attractive and interesting to young/new members more at home…

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